Our New Theatre


Over recent years the Lytton Players have been fighting an uphill battle to maintain their existing building - a building which has lasted considerably longer than originally intended thanks to the hard work of its membership. We were granted planning permission for a larger theatre on the same site in 2009 at an estimated cost of two million pounds. This was always going to be a difficult number to raise but with the down turn of the economy and the banking crisis it soon became obvious that it would not be possible to achieve this project in a sensible time frame.

After taking further advice from architects and fundraising consultants and having looked at similar successful projects in our area we have decided upon a dual approach which would allow us to rebuild on our current site or potentially purchase an existing building and convert it into a theatre. We estimate, based on similar projects, that we will need to raise in the order of five hundred thousand pounds of which three hundred thousand would be grants with the remaining two hundred thousand being raised by ourselves.

Above all we need the support of our friends and membership to ensure that we can reach these targets within a six year time frame. There are a number of ways in which you can help.

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Updated 19th March 2017
Stage 1 Raise £200,000
Stage 2 Planning Permission Raise £300,000 in Grants