Are You a Lytton Olympian ?

Inspired by the 'can do' attitude of the UK Olympians the Lytton Players have created their own fundraising medals to reward our fundraisers.

We look for a minimum of ten people to take part each year. You will be able to meet up with other team members and discuss different ways of raising money. The start date for this event will be Saturday 1st October 2016. You may join in after the start date if you wish but the end date will be 1st October 2017.

The rules are quite simple

  1. All money raised must be as a result of your direct action i.e. donations given for no reason do not count - you must have done something to earn them.
  2. Donations raised through Easyfundraising will count.
  3. You must have a dedicated JustGiving page connected to the Lytton Players. Instructions on how to create one are given here <Link>. The purpose of this is to allow us to advertise what you are doing and to attract more donations for your activities. Money raised by other means can be recorded on your JustGiving page but will only count towards a medal when paid in to the treasurer who will issue you with a receipt. Once your page is up and running go to the 'Team' page and request to join the team.
  4. The rewards scheme runs annually and has strict closing dates for when all money must be raised and collected.
  5. Medals are awarded as follows
  • Between £500 and £749 BRONZE
  • Between £750 and £999 SILVER
  • For £1000 and over GOLD

Medal winners will be presented with a medal and presentation case as a thank you for their efforts.

Go to the Lytton Olympian team site: Team Page